Our Learning Model

Our unique learning model is designed for the busy and up to move entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, with that in mind we have designed it for you to be able to learn individually and flexibly  

We have designed out learning cycle to encourage self-paced learning, by allowing students to choose the courses they want based on the skills and developments they need in their entrepreneurial journey towards building wealth. This learning is also safe-paced and students has life-time access to courses unless courses are upgraded, which allow for students to always use our courses to build on and reflect on the knowledge they get from our courses.    
1. Discover What You Want To Know
First, discover what you know and what you do not know on you journey towards wealth creation, and ensure that you structure your learning to acquire the knowledge, skills and principles that you need to build business that create wealth and prosperity for generations.
2. Individual Learning
Self-pace your learning experience by choosing courses that are relevant to the knowledge you want to acquire, and structure your learning on your pace, with the goals of reaching the end goal in mind, which is creating generational wealth and prosperity. Self-learning is very important towards learning, mastering and applying principles and concepts,rather than theorizing them.
3. Applied Learning
Unlike traditional education, our learning cycle encourages that students choose their courses based on what they do not know and want to know, but more especially what they can apply in the real world of business. Everything in our courses is designed to be applied on a daily basis that is why we encourage self-pace learning and life-time access to our courses to help you achieve your goal in applying what you learn.
4. Evaluation
The school, unlike other learning institutions does not encourage institutional evaluation as our aim is not to grade, but we encourage self-evaluation, where the entrepreneur has to constantly evaluate himself/herself based on the knowledge acquired on the courses and his/her journey in the consciousness of this knowledge and applicability of this knowledge. Although the school will offer assessment to evaluate students'to also improve the students and also our content.